Different easy Method to Get rid of Zits

Zits, what we call as pimples. Almost each one of us boys or girls are dealing with these pimples that mostly appear on our face. Especially in girls it’s a very common problem. Girls normally tend to become insecure about it.

The most common cause of zits is inflammation. They appear like red spots on your face. If a girl has pimples then she normally doesn’t want to go out of the house or meet people. Girls also don’t want anybody to talk about them. Hence, it becomes mandatory to get rid of zits to live happily. People with oily skin have more pimples then people with dry skin.

Everyone should wash their face with facial cleansing cream to avoid dirt from getting stored. Since, the major cause of zits is oil and dirt.

There are various ways how you can get rid of these pimples. The most basic thing you can do is apply ice on the affected area.

  • Ice will enhance blood circulation and prevent swelling in that area. This will in fact remove any dust or oil on the affected skin.
  • You can put toothpaste on affected area this will prevent swelling and will give better results.
  • You can in fact take steam which opens skin pores and allows skin to get rid of extra oil which normally causes zits.
  • Use of lemon will help your skin to dry faster because lemon juice is a good source of vitamin c. This will help skin to dry faster.

One thing you should not do is picking at your pimples with your nails.

Picking will cause permanent damage of skin and will leave a mark on your skin which will even look worse than your pimple.

  • Tea tree oil can also be applied on the affected area as it has anti- bacterial properties which kills microbes and bacteria penetrating your skin.
  • You can apply vinegar and garlic also on the affected area.

These are natural ingredients which can limit your problem of zits. Even a few face packs such as sandalwood face-pack, tomato pulp, raw papaya, pack of honey and cinnamon and pack of NEEM leaves and turmeric can be used to reduce swelling and redness that occurs because of zits.

You can even make a paste of aspirin with water. This will reduce redness and make pimples less visible because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Even Benzoyl peroxide with 2.5 percent concentration is extremely effective in treating zit as it removes the bacterial liquid which causes the skin to be affected.

If all these don’t work then you can even consult a doctor and take proper treatment for it. You will have to keep in mind the kind of food you intake because oily food is avoided.

Even homeopathic treatment is better for long term effect but results will be slow. Allopathic medicines will help you get rid of your zits in just a few days.

Skin is beautiful all you need to do is to take proper care.

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