How To Get Rid of Zits Fast in a natural way

Cure your zits in a go?here we tell u how?

It?s horrible to have zits just on your big day or any special occasion. You need a very fast working remedy for it. Don’t worry here we have some of the fast working remedies for you. You can use them and stay beautiful. Don’t pick your pimple, it will increase the problem. For fast treatment of pimples a very effective remedy is to apply some benzyl peroxide. Benzyl peroxide kills bacteria causing pimples. In 2.5% concentration it is really useful and works wonders. The next life saver in such a situation is salicylic acid. It is also antibacterial. It peels of skin and enhances the growth of new skin.

Toothpaste is another product which can dry your pimple overnight. Make sure it is natural toothpaste. It contains silica which helps in drying pimples. Paste of sea salt and water applied only on pimple directly will dry pimple. For curing pimples tea tree oil is a boon. It has antibacterial property and it cleans the pores. It reduces size and redness of the pimple. Paste of aspirin and water applied on pimple applied overnight will be a rescue. Astringents are well known to reduce pore size. Applying astringent on the affected area will reduce the pimple size.

There are some natural methods of getting rid of Zits. Lemon juice has citric acids which kills bacteria and tighten the skin. Banana peel also reduces pimple size. Witch hazel is alcohol free astringent and helps reducing pores. Green tea is rich in antioxidants.

Placing wet green tea bag on pimple can also help. Ice is also a simple but effective remedy. Applying ice on acne reduces redness and swelling. You can also use eye drop by applying it on Q tip and then after keeping in refrigerator for a few minutes and applying on pimple. This is How To Get Rid of Zits Fast in a natural way.

Take care of your skin. Wash face twice a day with a face wash containing in salicylic acid. Use a clean towel, pillow cover etc. Apply moisturizer suiting your skin type. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead cell. Don’t touch your face again and again. Always keep yourself healthy. Eat healthy food, fruits and vegetables. Exercise twice a week or more. After exercise you need to take shower. Avoid having too much of caffeine, alcohol or drinks containing sugar. Drink a lot of water, coconut water, fresh juices etc. Basil leaves can be steamed and applied on pimples. Bad diet is a major cause of zits. Follow a CTM regime. CTM means cleansing, toning and moisturizing at night daily.

Avoid sleeping with make up on your skin. Always clean make up with a cleansing milk or makeup remover. Once in week you can also apply face mask with reduces or avoid acnes. You must visit a doctor if you are facing a lot of acne problem or the problem continues for more than a month. Your dermatologist will be always ready to help you with either medication or some kind of treatment. These are some methods on How To Get Rid of Zits Fast.

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