How to Get Rid of Warts

Wart is a small, hard, benign growth on skinwhichis caused by a virus. It is definitely an undesirable outgrowth in the skin of a person. Nobody wants any sort of protuberance or extra growth on their skin. If wart appears on any person then the person wants to cut that out of their skin as soon as possible because it limits them from meeting people or they feel afraid of going out of their house. If it appears on face then person becomes all the more insecure. There are many ways in which people can get this problem out of their life There are some warts which can disappear itself after sometime without any treatment but some warts which persist requires to be taken of medically by doctor. The first step is consulting a doctor.

Doctor can treat the patient with warts in a number of ways. There are various treatments available some works fast and some are slow. If you want to choose the fastest one then apply 100 percent TRICHLOROACETIC ACID (TCA). This will show its effect in just 10 days and is also one of the cheapest methods. Even salicylic acid can be used but it removes warts in a few weeks depending on the size of wart. Duct tape is also very effective in removing warts. It is a localised medication in the generalised wart area. This is a long time treatment can take up to 6 months. Application of duct tape is followed by application of 5 percent cream in the affected area. A chemical that is fast-acting called the CANTHARIDIN is applied which burns the wart. But this is expensive treatment. Well liquid nitrogen is also one of the methods you can give a try. It?s the way of freezing the wart and the wart falls off on its own in a few days. This liquid nitrogen treatment may cause a bit of discomfort. Getting your warts treated by laser is also one option you can try but this one will definitely be expensive.

Apart from these medical treatments you must try getting these warts off your skin by some household methods which will not cost you much and will even solve your problem. Cutting these warts by knife is a bad option because they can grow again in the same place. You can apply garlic on your wart and then cover it up so that garlic stays. Try this for a few days then eventually the wart will fall off. Not only garlic you can apply vinegar on it as well. This will work in the same way. Other treatment would allow application of paste made of castor oil and baking powder and crushed vitamin c tablets. Warts can even be soaked with pineapple juice. These are all the methods you must keep in mind to remove warts. Wart is not such a major cause of control since by using all these methods it can be easily removed from your body.



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