How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids

Most commonly known as piles, hemorrhoids can be most embarrassing for people, which mainly occur due to poor diet, pregnancy side effects and constipation repetition. Some of the symptoms of hemorrhoids are anal swelling, itching and bleeding which is caused due to exceeding pressure on veins in the rectum. No doubt, consulting a doctor is often recommended by the health experts in such instances however; if the piles are not in the extreme stage, you should first try to apply some effective and traditional home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids treatment

Getting relieved of hemorrhoids itch and pain

Using ice cubes

There is no shadow of suspicion that ice cubes can relieve itching and swelling in such cases thus; applying ice cubes at regular time intervals can be a major remedy. After using the ice cubes, you may also choose to place a warm compress on the anal area for at least 15 minutes.

Sitz bath

First, fill your bathtub with warm water to an optimum level which is sufficient to soak the anal area and sit there for 10 minutes at regular interval. This will definitely moisten your rectum and allow you to feel more comfortable. It should be noted here that sitz bath turns to be more effective if you are doing it just after the bowel movement, accompanied with swelling or pain.

Ointments and cream

Applying superb ointments and cream comprising of phenylphrine, hydrocortisone or lidocaine will be much effective in relieving the pain and itching from the anal area.

Minimize bowel movement straining

effective removal of Hemorrhoids

The latest research on hemorrhoids states that people suffer from piles more if they strain during the bowel movement, which must be minimized. You may also make use of the best stool softener if it is too hard to pass and causes pain or bleeding in the rectum veins.

Diet control

Bowel movements are directly related to the food type you take on daily basis hence; it becomes more essential to put restrictions on poor diet. Of course, you will have to control the diet constituents that are the sole causes of hemorrhoids for which you will have to focus on specific diet measurements.

role of diet in treating Hemorrhoids

role of diet in treating Hemorrhoids

Fiber and water in plenty

It should be noted here that your diet should comprise of excess of fiber for easy bowel movements and keep the stool path hydrated for a longer time. Besides that, drinking plenty of water will also benefit you as it will help the bowel to pass easily.

Avoid meaty and fatty stuffs

Since meat and food stuffs containing extra fat lacks the fiber ratio, they will make the stool more resistant to water absorption thus; increasing the overall strain and pressure during the process of bowel movement.

Traditional hemorrhoids treatment

There are a few other treatment procedures for hemorrhoids that will work fine with you if you really want to get rid of piles permanently. This method will require you to take the doses on regular basis so that bowel movements and bleeding may take a backseat. Yes, you should try taking the following treatment options for getting rid of hemorrhoids:

natural remedy to Hemorrhoids

natural remedy to Hemorrhoids

  • Herbal supplements like Triphala
  • Aloe vera (ignore if it causes digestive discomfort)
  • Psyllium seed husks for easy passage of bowel movement
  • Natural oils like aloe or chestnut
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