How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

With summer season ahead this year, this is the perfect time to get set for removing all the fruit flies from your home, kitchen and the store room so that your family is safe from unwanted health consequences. Of course, fruit flies have been the most dangerous enemies of human health, with small sizes, rapid reproduction rate and small life cycles. These buggers will be intruders to your kitchen which is full of attractions, fruits and juices left over on the counters, floors and other places. There are different methods to get rid of fruit flies that can be implemented, depending upon the intensity of fruit flies, available resources and artificial fly traps that can work wonders.

How to get rid of fruit flies

Keep your home clean and hygienic

Since the fruit flies are attracted towards the rotten fruits, leftovers, garbage and disposal; it is always better to keep your surroundings and kitchen clean. Never try to keep your wastes for more than a day as it may invite unwanted buggers and flies. Also, you should try your best to keep the kitchen counters and drains clean with washing powders, sprays and other potential deterrents so that kitchen flies are not attracted anytime. Vulnerable fruit, juices and food sources should be quickly removed from the dining or cooking area so that fruit flies are always away from your home.

Removing present fruit flies from your home

There are certain circumstances when you find fruit flies already present in the home or a specific location that must be eliminated at the earliest. Although the current market offers you some readymade deterrents for such cases, it is better to go with the innovative idea of artificial traps that are best solutions for getting rid of fruit flies. Some of the traps are generally well tested and tried methods to catch those buggers in an easy way. All these traps will work on the same principle ? attract them manually and dispose them off when the trap is full of fruit flies. You may like to place rotten fruit, wine or juices as the major attractions in the traps so that fruit flies do not have option to escape.

fruit flies traps

Some of the popular home traps for fruit flies are apple vinegar trap, merry fly trap, jar trap and tried & true trap.

Make use of some potential deterrents

fruit flies deterrents

You will be amazed to know that there are a few herbs and spices that act as natural repellents for the bugs and fruit flies. Some of the common and most preferred deterrents are found in your kitchen or the garden which can be used to keep these buggers at bay. Yes, you should try with cloves, pepper, rue and lemongrass that will not kill all the flies but keep them at a distance from your kitchen.

Try sprays and bug killers

Yes, most of the fruit flies have gone resistant to the traditional sprays and killer solutions however; it does not mean that they are not successful. Nowadays, more and more research is being carried out to keep the surroundings clean which will be of more interest to you. You can keep those buggers at a distance or even kill them with regular spraying activities which contain repelling chemicals as the constituents, similar to the other cases of mosquitoes and cockroach.

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