How to Get Rid of Double Chin

Double chins are often a natural result of gaining weight or aging. Losing weight is the simplest way to get rid of double chin, in case gaining weight is the cause of the double chin.

Clothes can hide fat cleverly if it is anywhere else in the body, but there is no way to hide it from the chin other than to eliminate it.Otherwise it may lead to lack of confidence.

So it?s absolutely essential to get rid of double chin in the quickest possible time.

Read this article further to know and understand on how to get rid of double chin.

  1. Watch the eating habits and intake nutritious food

Taking quality food as one?s daily intake and eating foods with fewer calories will help in getting rid of double chin. Also, eating more nutrient rich foods will surely reduce the chin fat. Eating plenty of fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits and low-fat meats will also aid in getting rid of double chin. One should seriously reduce the consumption of calorie rich foods including rice, sugar and fatty foods. One may choose brown rice if they really want to eat rice, since brown rice is rich in fiber.

  1. Drinking lots and lots of water

Drinking plenty of water is the second most important aspect in getting rid of double chin. Be sure to avoid sugary drinks and sodas since they not only spoil the skin, but also will affect all parts of the body in the long run.

  1. Weight training

Increasing the metabolism rate, burning more calories and tightening your muscles by lifting weights may help in getting rid of double chin. Reducing the weight by continuing the weight lifting process for 3-4 days per week will ensure a good shaped and molded body along with getting rid of the double chin.

  1. Sitting on the right posture.

Holding or placing your head in elevation above your shoulders with your jaw slightly projected, will help in reducing the overall extra fat in your face and chin.

  1. Isometric Exercises

Performing Isometric exercises are good for weight loss of the entire human body, even though it may not eliminate the double chin as inferred in many instances. Isometric exercises are done by pushing forward the head by means of the left or right hand. Repeating the same exercise again and again will ensure weight loss.

  1. Cardiovascular Exercise

By means of doing exercise for cardio vascular muscles, the human body may burn calories and fats from the body which in turn makes the face smaller and helps in getting rid of the double chin.

  1. Exercise your Face

About 56 facial muscles are present in the human face. To get rid of double chin, one should do facial exercises which are more helpful to tone the various facial

How to Get Rid of Double Chin

How to Get Rid of Double Chin


Elevating your chin by using the lower lip for five seconds and repeating this exercise for approximately forty times a day will reduce the fat in the chin.

Apart from getting rid of the double chin, it is also important to remove the excess fat from the areas such as thighs and abdomens by means of walking, jogging, fitness, workouts or swimming exercises.


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