How to get rid of Crickets

How to get rid of CricketsCrickets are small insects, normally brown and black in color. It could be easily identified by looking at its antenna. Although it has two wings, it cannot fly. However, it can jump up as much as 3 feet. Crickets usually like to sing a characteristic tune of their own but that is not the problem. It damages important stuffs like paper, cloths, wall and furniture. For this reason, precautionary measures must be taken to get rid of crickets.

Below are some of the effective techniques that you could use to get rid of crickets.

  • Use crickets bait: This is probably the most effective known solutions out there. You can lure them into a corner and catch them using bait. It is recommended to use chemicals or molasses in the bait. You can try mixing the molasses with water and keep them in the area where crickets are found. Crickets are attracted to the smell of molasses and hence this makes them easy to capture. However, particular care must be taken to keep chemicals out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Use glue trap: You can try using glue trap to capture crickets. This method does not harm humans and pets. Place the traps in problematic areas like around the corners of your house and moist places.
  • Use low light/bugs light: Bright light attract crickets. Avoid the use of bright light in your house to keep crickets away. You may try using sodium lamp, LED light and other energy efficient lighting sources.
  • Seal your doors and windows: Protection is easier than prevention. Seal carefully your doors and windows to keep crickets away from your home.
  • Protect your trash box: Make sure that your trash box is protected. Crickets are fond of the smell from your trash box. Carefully dispose your trash.
  • Cut short your garden and yard grasses: Crickets usually make their nests and habitats near grasses which are long. Cut them short so that it cannot make its nest around those areas. Keep your garden and yard clean. Please look at the garbage cans, old logs and fire wood near your home and keep them clean.
  • Use nets: Use nets at doors and windows to keep free from crickets. Crickets can come in from a very small gap. So find all the gaps and loopholes and fill them.
  • Remove eggs: Clean your house daily to get rid of the cricket eggs which may hatch inside your house.
  • Use spray: Spray is a very effective method to get rid of crickets. Anti-cricket spray could be bought from store to get rid of crickets. Sprays act as effective killers and they can damage cricket eggs which may lie in your house. As mentioned before, special care must be taken while using spray because it is toxic.
  • Use natural predators to get rid of crickets: You may try using natural predators like lizard, cat, spider and bird to get rid of crickets. They eat crickets and help in reducing the influence of it in your home.

The main theme underlying the reduction of crickets lies in cleanliness. You must keep your house and surrounding areas clean and tidy. The methods discussed above would be very effective in eliminating or reducing the number of crickets around your house. However, make sure you exercise care and caution while using chemicals and sprays.

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