How to Get Rid of Centipedes

Centipedes are arthropod like insects which have more than six legs and can lay a lot of eggs usually 50-100. They stay in dark environment so mostly come at night when the lights in the house are off. They may create a huge nuisance in your life. In your house they are mostly found in bathrooms and basements. Centipede can definitely help you get rid of unwanted pests such as bed bugs, spiders, termites and cockroaches. But if you are among those people who hate centipedes then there are numerous ways how you can get rid of them.

The first thing you can give a try is capturing it in a jar or killing it with the aerosol insecticide spray available in the market. If you don?t want to kill them then you can just try and catch them in a jar and simply take them outside off your house. Since, they don?t come in your home in huge number so you can easily catch the centipede which is annoying you. If you can keep your house dry then this is one of the best things you can do since they don?t really survive in the dry environment which eventually leads to their death. For this you should regularly clean damp closets and basements. You can also use sticky traps to capture them. For this you will have to keep the sticky traps in the corners because mostly centipedes are found in that place. These sticky traps will not only capture centipedes but will also capture other pests and insects crawling around your home. These traps will solve a lot of your problems.

If you are irritated by these centipedes entering your house you can block their entrance by sealing cracks in the foundation and concrete walls. You can also cover the basement floor drains by a window screen. You should eliminate spaces present around doors and windows. Centipedes generally like hiding in trees, grass, compost etc. so, you should always stay around clean surrounding. Avoid these things outside your home that is you should reduce clutter. Some natural pesticide such as boric acid and products containing plant derived PYRETHRIN can easily poison these centipedes and you can use of these pesticides can directly kill them. Aerosols such as CB invader HPX can be sprayed around entry points of these centipedes so that they are prevented from entering your home.

The food source for these centipedes are insects such as cockroaches and spiders so, they must be removed from your home by keeping surrounding of your home dust free and clean. Cleanliness of your home will avoid these centipedes from coming into your home. If all of this don?t work then you can also seek professional help. They will detect any centipede eggs in your home and spray parts of your home with aerosols that kill centipedes. So, you can keep in all these tips to get rid of centipedes from your home.



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