How to Get Rid of a Yeast Infection

Most of the women today are affected by the yeast infection which mainly occurs due to access growth of Candida albicans, a fungus which badly results in vaginal infection. Some of the common symptoms of yeast infection are itching, burning sensation and clumpy discharge however; treatment of yeast infection can be carried out at home. Even if the yeast infection has reached to a serious stage, you can simply opt for the advanced medical treatment.

How to get rid of yeast infection

Highly recommended home solutions for yeast infection

In order to get rid of yeast infection, you will be happy to go with the naturally available home solutions that will ease the symptoms and cure the ailment. Here, you will find some of the commonly followed remedies to yeast infections in women: –


Since garlic contains plenty of anti-fungal substances, it would be better to apply garlic cloves wrapped in sterile gauze in vagina, with the ends remaining outside so that it becomes easier to remove the garlic cloves after a few hours. For this treatment, you should surely consult a doctor as it may be hazardous if you are new to this medication.

home solutions for yeast infection


Presence of different chemical ingredients such as L. Acidophilus in yogurt has positive results in case of severe yeast infection. In fact, these chemicals found naturally in the yogurt suppository keep the excess of fungus in balance mode so that chances of getting this infection is reduced by a great extent. Tropical application of yogurt directly on the vagina may also be useful.

Tea tree oil

Several women are found to be safe and quite comfortable with the application of tea tree oil on their vagina but it should be ensured that lubricants are applied on the tampon. However, experts often suggest to consult a doctor before using this tea tree oil treatment such as the garlic suppository so that you can be safe from side effects.

Cranberry juice

Mild cases of yeast infection can be easily treated through drinking a few glasses of cranberry juice as it will lower the overall pH value of the urine so that yeast infections can be treated. You should also feel free to take dried cranberry or cranberry pills for optimum relief.

Conventional medication of vaginal yeast infection

Making use of vaginal suppository

This type of vaginal suppository often come in rod, conical or wedge shaped which can be directly inserted into vagina so that yeast infections can be reduced.

Creams with anti-fungal properties

medical solution to yeast infection

Medical stores will offer you different kinds of anti-fungal creams with least oil content that will fight against the yeast infections. Getting rid of vaginal yeast infections will be much easier and effective although the use of these creams can be customized according to contents and oily nature that might be restricted up to applying only on the outer vaginal area.

It should be noted here that if the vaginal yeast infections have reached to worst stage, you should definitely visit a medical expert for immediate and effective treatment.

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